About AViosk.com

Dick Juge is the owner and creator of AViosk.com and AViosk Enterprises, LLC. AViosk is actually the word Kiosk, with the AV replacing the K. Kiosk = 'a small structure in a public area used for providing information or displaying advertisements, often incorporating an interactive display screen or screens.'

Originally this site was developed to share digital graphis shows. Dick also had commissioned other software products to primarily assist insurance agencies in the pursuits of their business, but being retired since 1999 has decided to abandon these programs more in favor of general graphics work that he pursues now that he's retired.

In recent times he's been working with creating Youtube.com video shows for his Family, Friends, and various organizations such as Coast Guard Shipmates, his High School friends and for his Kiwanis friends.

Lastly he's written an auto-biography of his participation in the US Coast Guard in the 1950s, beginning at his age 18 to 22. During this time he also served aboard three different ships in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaskan water and the Northeastern Atlantic. During his Alaskan tour he was fortunate to be aboard the CGC STORIS (icebreaker) which did the historic Northwest Passage and found a deep water route the summer of 1957. His ship also circumnavigated the North American continent, the first American ship in history to accomplish both these feats. If you ever served in the military, no doubt you will relive your tour of duty in your mind as you read this story. Go to the link on the left bar that speaks about the book.